Family Friendly Events - Miami, FL

Looking for a great family-friendly event venue? Whether it’s a birthday party, family reunion, or any other celebration our space at the Skyviews Wheel is perfect for you. When planning an event for your family and friends, choosing the right venue is key to making your celebrations entertaining and memorable.

Interested in learning more about hosting your event with us? Keep reading for more details and information about our one-of-a-kind family-friendly event venue that has something for everyone.

It's a Birthday! Give Them Views & Sky High Fun

Imagine cutting your birthday cake while enjoying the beautiful skyline views of Miami. Throw an extraordinary birthday celebration by giving your kids, family, and friends fantastic sky views and have fun while 200 feet in the sky in the Skyviews Wheel.

The wheel is a unique and entertaining space to create memories that will last a lifetime and impress your family and friends. Enjoy the 30-minute rotation taking in 360-degree views in our enclosed and climate-controlled gondolas.

During each rotation, the wheel's speed is slow and barely noticeable, making it a perfect activity for everyone to participate in. You won’t have to worry about having to be careful when cutting the birthday cake or taking group photos!

Family Night is the Perfect Time for The Skyviews Wheel

Maybe you’re just looking for something to do with your family for the day. Setting up activities with your family and friends should be relaxing, and fun. Riding on the Observation Wheel during the day or night makes for the perfect time to bond with your family as you enjoy the breathtaking city views up in the sky.

At night you will enjoy watching the stars and have an excellent view of the city's lights and colors emanating from the skyscrapers of the Miami skyline. 

Family in Town? Time to Show off the Views of the Miami Skyline

Whether you’re a local or visiting Miami and are interested in holding an event, consider having a picture-perfect skyline view of Miami as your backdrop. Riding our observation wheel can give you and your family a breather before joining the crowd and continuing with the day's activities.

When you are running low on ideas for family activities, no matter the size of your crew, riding on the Skyviews Wheel will give you a chance to think of more fun activities to engage in later while still having fun. Don’t forget the pictures! The family and friends who were unable to be there for the special day will definitely be jealous of all the fun.

Why the Skyviews Wheel in Miami For Your Family Event?

The Skyviews Wheel adds to the experience and excitement of your party. We can host birthday parties for any age, family reunions, anniversaries, and so much more! The dream wheel ride is designed to be an observational ride given its low speed, making it suitable for even elderly persons and young kids without having to worry about health issues and challenges associated with high-speed rotations or thrills.

The Skyviews Wheel has a large passenger capacity in its 42 gondolas which can fit all your extended family members at a go, ensuring everyone enjoys the ride simultaneously. Additional features of the gondolas in the VIP sections include:
  • Leather bucket seats.
  • LED stars in the ceiling.
  • Tables that add comfort while enjoying your ride and cutting the cake.
  • Access to our catering partners.
  • And more!

Time to Reserve Your Family Time at Skyviews Wheel Miami

Are you looking to have an event with your friends and family in Miami? The Skyviews Wheel is ready to help you host an amazing party no matter the occasion. We understand the importance of making your events successful, entertaining, and memorable, which is why we provide you with a perfect venue in an incredible location with lots of friendly activities that everyone in your group will love.

We have plenty of parking spaces for our guests, with free parking for the first hour within the venue. It’s time for you and your family to hop out and celebrate in style on the famous Skyviews Wheel. Book your ticket today or contact us for more information.
Image Credit: Dmitry Naumov/Shutterstock